Tail End of 2017

April 6, 2018


So, 2017 came and went faster than my ability to clear out the room after a fart.


Take a seat, grab your tea, hopefully this doesn’t go on for too long. Let's reminisce and get a little emotional about the last 6 months of 2017 and the lessons it’s brought to my 23rd year of life. 


In 2017 I promised myself to forget and move on.

To focus on those who are giving me positive vibes and who are genuinely there for me. To try to reconnect with people but still believing in keeping  some distance to protect myself.

Walls are up, door is ajar, windows are shut, the fire inside is burning and warm.


As for the norms of life, I had to say goodbye to some family and friends and entrust and pray their journey back to god's home and in return welcomed new bundles of joys to the world.

I celebrated the union of love, birthdays and anniversaries.

The ongoing Battle with weight gain and loss continued, as did the continual search for purpose and happiness.


Personally, I am generally quite content with who I am right now.

I am achieving short term goals and still striving for my long-term goals.

I've got a positive support system, I’m smiling more and my pallet continues to mature #becomingawinesnob #halloumiisstillyuck





July feels like such a life time ago! 

The weather was changing, getting colder and wetter!

My kind of weather!

Going through my phone and snapchat album; there was a whole lot of eating that occurred!




One of my baes joined my gym.

We worked out and ate straight after.

I learnt not to discriminate the water aerobics class at the local pool #wedrowned

We also had a stint of living a fake vegan life to lose weight.

I morally believe in its teaching, but my body type couldn’t sustain the lifestyle.

I’ll talk about this in a future blog post! #content 







August, the birthday month!

Seems it was everyone and their mother's birthday!

August also was the month my blog went live!




 Probably one of my favourite adventures of 2017 was the Warburton Redwood Forrest!

A day with Tegan and Emily, the sun was out, picnic spread was on point, long drives and tunes! Just a great day!



One of my favourite humans alive and I went a photoshoot for our insta accounts.

Thank you for just understanding and your constant support and motivation!

My social media bae.




Furthermore, august brought on what seems to be my father’s mid-life crisis!

We’re not a 4WD family dad… but you do your thing, I’m here to support!

Just stop taking me to your 4WD meetings. 





So here's the thing.

We’ve had our falling out, but we sat down at the start of the year to talk about what went wrong.

We’ve moved on.

September saw these two lovebirds finally tying the knot!

High school lovers, life threw everything at the both of you!

From green poka dots to missions, from spelling the 3 words incorrectly to hiding your PDA.

It was “cute” seeing your love grow and mature throughout the years!

Even though I wasn’t there at the some of the important occasions, like we envisioned when we were younger;

I am genuinely so happy for you JC, you’ve dreamt of this day for so long!

Your happy ever after!

Thanks for sharing your day with me!

Congrats to you both!



You know your boy didn’t come to play when it came to fashion.

Basic maggots be staring and laughing.

We the shit, you flew around us.

Take a wiff.


But the best on the field...

The hottest MILF





The “ber” month rolled on,

The activities continued on!


The adventure to SYDNEY was an experience!

I’ve only been to Sydney once before, and just for the weekend.

It’s not Melbourne though, I felt like the brunch game was lacking?!

Or I’m just not a local and did not know where the good spots are!

Walking everywhere… One of my favourite things to do when in a new city!

It felt like it was raining 85% of the time I was there!

But Sydney still delivered some awesome memories!

The primary reason I went to Sydney was to surprise my friend from uni, who left Melbourne, to celebrate her birthday!

A group of us flew over and spent the weekend with the little herbivore we all love and miss!

It was awesome to spend time with those who made it!




Another highlight of October is…


So first things first. I'm the realest.

Lol soz I had to.

Halloween is my JAM!

Take your “this is Australia not America” BS somewhere else you overripe pumpkin you.

I have fond memories growing trick or treating in an Australian neighbourhood who weren’t warm to the concept of an American tradition! #themems

It’s awesome seeing kids dressing up and embracing the holiday these days!


I’m not shy when it comes to Halloween,

I commit!

People go “ugly pretty"


No mate. I go hard-core ugly.

Fake blood and the works!


Yea… But give me points for creative concept and commitment.




Lastly, October saw me at my fittest!

Committed to the gym, diet was great.

Reached a weight of 92kgs. 







November arrived and my liver cried!

The month started off with a day trip down the Mornington Peninsula,

We visited the sunny ridge – where it reinstated that I was not made for the farm life!

Give me a virtual farm and I’ll give you crops for days.

Ask me to fill a punnet of strawberries for you; you’ll be waiting for years!



Thank you for these two for always being up for an adventure and for taking photos of me!




My dad is also currently into camping and four-wheel driving as mentioned earlier #midlifecrisis

Camping, I’ve done before, in high school.  

The high school group would go down to rye – down the Mornington Peninsula. Ahh the mems!

But the difference is, Rye is in a civilised area.

There was were shops, service for 4g and most importantly there were flushing toilet facilities.

Where my father took me, it took more than 5 hours to get to, there was no service and no shower… There was a drop toilet… But that’s another blog post!


It was a great experience! I love seeing what Victoria, Australia has to offer.

I love getting out of the suburbs and Melbourne in particular.

I found it to be character building ahaha. 


My baby girl turned a ripe old age of 8!

She’s the cutest and the sassiest bocker out there for sure!

Yes, we throw her a birthday feast and all every year.



Brown hair don’t care,

So I thought it was time for a change.

Living blonde for nearly a year, yea I did have more fun, but the maintenance was heckers. @zuriboutiquehairandbeauty does an amazing job though, could not see myself going somewhere else!

But I low key miss it and I’m low key planning to go back lighter!

Here’s to me being bawled in the future #dadvibes


What do you prefer on me?

Blonde or Brown?

Or natural black?

Let me know and even suggest what my next daring hair adventure should be.



And cue the Christmas parties!

With the blink of an eye, it was the last week of November and December is knocking; the shopping centres have their decos out and blasting Mr. Bubble' and his carols!


Celebrating another year of team work, learning and professional building with the amazing group I’m lucky and blessed to be a part of!





December is always so special!

I have vivid memories growing up in the Philippines and the traditions we had!

Of course, my family have brought some of the traditions over.

But the aussie way is what I’ve grown up to and its now a whole new kind of special.


Its summer and the weather isn’t playing too nicely... To my preference anyways.

I’m someone who loves the being immersed in water and being at the beach.

But in contrast I hate being under the sun and the heat.

Gets me hot and bothered.

 I also don’t want to get darker. 




 My mother turned 50, and the song Havana by Camila Cabello will never ever be the same ;)

We had my godmother from the Philippines over for the Christmas period.

It’s Always great to have family over and show them around.



Friends-mass dinner with the uni crew was a great night!

Looking forward to many more in the future.

 With actual group / festivity Pictures

New Year, was spent at home with the family.

Because there is no way you’ll get me into the city with the amount of people there, no sir.





So that was the last six months!

I’m writing this and its February already!

January flew pass!

Edited on March and finally uploading on April.

2018 is already nearly half gone!!!

Hopefully in 2018 I get to reach some of my goals, travel and have more personal growth.


My motto this year is:









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