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August 9, 2017



 Woaaaaahh, hold up! 2017 can you please sit yourself down for a miniit!

It's June already (when I drafted this)!

Wait what... Where did this year even go?!

I guess 2016 was such a catastrophic disaster. 

Is it me or is it the older we get, time fly by us so much faster? I remember being in primary school and literally the day feels like it was never ending! Now its like...

 Wake up, work, eat, shit, sleep, repeat.  

#responsiblities #worktopaythembills


I thought I'd share a quick fun little recap of the first 6 months of 2017 so far!



Hate to start of with this and introduce you to my friend Debby Downer... but this has to be shared as it did still affected me during this month... was a healing month.


2017 was here and thank god we can just leave 2016 behind! 

Learn from the lessons. Grow from the experience and respect yourself enough to walk away and make sacrifices for the sake of your happiness and self worth. 


For those who know, knows. 


Many, including me, are over it and I've had to do what I had to do. 

Im surrounded now with people who make me happy, positive and supported.

Im not saying you weren't, but somewhere along the way, it was lost. 


Ill always miss the old times, the laughter and banter. 


But something had to give. Unfortunately people felt like they needed to get involved and choose sides. I've made my peace with those who reached out and put the effort in. 

We / I have all moved on.




 So now that we've established that it was a new year and I myself like many, was personally victimised my 2016 #rude 


January to me has always involved 2 things!




And thats exactly what happened. 



Atended the AO17 with my mate @matteatsfood awesome food and bevs. 

Missing the last train out of the city is always fun #sistercabtotherescue 

Soz for making you walk around everywhere so I can get a personalised gym towel with my name...


Attended the annual WhiteNight with my gals @laurcla & @neetacappello.

always a pleasure to be in their company,

even when white night was dark #wherethelightsatyo? And the ridiculous amount of people blerrgh. 



Finally, another memorable moment from January was receiving my TSP certificate.

All the late nights and countless of "what the heck is this" 

Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way!

And to the best educator.. you know who you are!


Self development & career progression are a must  to me

and its some of the values my parents have brought me up on. 


 I don't know what this photo has anything to do with me finishing my TSP... 

I just look cute so #yolo.



 Feb came and flew by as usual. 

One of my favourite memories of feb 17' was the day we (uni group) finally went jet skiing - some thing we as a uni group planed on our 1st year (2012), although we weren't all complete...It happened! 

And boy is it something Id never forget! 

Fearing sharks and being in an open water ... Where it was possible of encountering one #dramatic but truth. With laura's driving and Alec and I holding on for our dear lives... The unimaginable happened... We capsized AHAHAHAAHAHHAHA!

SAAH good!

The day was just perfect!


Another honourable mention this month is definitely not the fact that valentine day was spent alone again .... LOL #foreveralone #savedmoneynotbuyingflowerstho 





Its my birthday month! 

Every year since 16, I've done something for my birthday,

I see it as, not just celebrating my birthday, but to share my happiness with those around me.


23 saw me celebrating my birthday Thrice! 


Thank you to everyone at work!

Your video messages were amazing!

Thanks for the cake! 

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me at my house!

Your presences were enough!

So happy I can remember this night unlike my 22nd...

 And of course, 

Being able to celebrate a birthday again with my family in the Philippines was special!

My last birthday there was my 6th! 

Seeing everyone and celebrating with those who came was special! 

Thank you all for coming! 


A week before my birthday, my sister and I visited the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane. 

Main reason... To see Justin Bieber's concert. 

Musically, you've got to give it to him #realtalk

Theme Parks ... TICK

Australia zoo ... TICK 

Surfur's Paradise ... TICK

Brisbane ... TICK




8 years later... I finally went back home to the Philippines. 

(last week of March - the whole of April)

Its always special! 

Being able to see my family again is always amazing and special. 

Many things have changes, everyone's grown old or young and theres a new generation.

But the Filipino core value is always family. 

The food is something else!

The islands I visited are beautiful and its really #morefuninthephilippines 

The heat was real tho! Not used to that anymore!


I chose to attach only one photo... Cause I have thousands and no body got time fo that!

Id probs do a separate blog post about it. We'll see... 

Check out my Insta for more photos #shamelessplug


So then it suddenly was the 5th month... Time does fly when your having fun!

A month and a half of traveling ... The bank account starts to look dismal... 

It was back to reality!


Having the travel blues!

A favourite memory of mine from May was, the wine tour in the Yarra valley with my uni group!

2017 marked our 6th year of friendship!

So proud of everyone and their endeavours! 

We've come along way since 2012!

 May also got me sitting down,  reflecting and setting new goals.

Ticking off some boxes in my bucket list and adding more.


I've also develop lower back problems... WTH


Oh and I got a new computer this month! 



Lastly, Ive also develop an unhealthy obsession with candles during the month of May :/ 



 Then in a blink of an eye, 6 months of 2017 are done and dusted...

Winter has come in full force...

Winter jackets are out and so is everyone and their mother's nips are too.


June reunited me with two of my favourite humans ever! 


A Fun field day that started with me being late... No shockers there.

D&Ms over Brunch


A Trip to Melbourne Zoo


A group hang that was organised within minutes....

Yea thats right, you read that correctly.


 Winter Night Noodle Market

Accompanied by the Work family.

Mulled Wine, delicious food and irritatingly long lines.

Inappropriate google search and plenty of laughter!

34N Winery Tour

Always a great time when I'm around these beautiful humans!

Yarra Valley delivering the bevs and mems once again!

Them reds are still way too adult for my pallet... Don't waste it tho.

swirl swirl swirl 


whats up for the next 6 months? 

First and foremost is to get through winter without gaining more weight.

I need to remind myself that, although I love bears... I am not one myself. I do not need to stock-up and hibernate through winter.


In saying that,

I'd love to do another snow trip! 

Enroll in a short course something different from my profession.

Travel somewhere of course - intrastate and/or international

Still committed to this blog. 


And here were are... well effing done making it all the way here!

You Da Real MVP!


Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me!

If you were involved in these memories, thanks for being there and sharing/ creating these memories with me!

I'd love to hear your favourite memory with me this past 6 months!


Also any ideas of kind of content you'd like to see from me? Let me know.

I leave you now with this super cute, super attractive selfie.




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