So, 2017 came and went faster than my ability to clear out the room after a fart.

Take a seat, grab your tea, hopefully this doesn’t go on for too long. Let's reminisce and get a little emotional about the last 6 months of 2017 and the lessons it’s brought to my 23rd ye...


Yes I am still here!

Yes content is slow / non existent for the last three months!

Yes, the aim is to have content!

And YES! Its all coming! 

Working on some blog post now!

I can't just write them spontaneously and upload it all at once.

I'm asian and my grammar isn't too ho...


So, I know, I've been M I A.

Life has been hectic... Well at least I think so.

Yes I work Part time.

Yes It seems like I have long periods of days off.

But I still feel so busy!

Running errands, being ridden in bed cause of my back, staying up late playing Sims4 or watching...


So this is a little catch up sesh entry. 

Missed last week's upload... I have no excuse, I was probs either napping or playing the sim4 with no shame. Nothing really has changed, shift working, trying to be consistent at the gym (but the nuggets are too damn good)...


If you know me, you know one of my favourites obsessions are parfums (you have to say it with a French accent). 

Discovering new scents.

Being able to change your scent up depending on your mood, the vibe of your day and even the season.

Smelling good, is always...


One of the brands I'm obsessing over these days is GIVENCHY. 

A Parisian Luxury Fashion house, founded in 1952 by designer Huber de Givenchy.

Worn casually by celebrities, the filthy rich (pls adopt me) and those questionable people who can afford every luxury brand and...


So, I must admit, few months into blogging, the motivation isn't quite as high as I would have thought. The Melbourne weather is making it hard to create content, shift work limits my availability and my injuries is hindering me.

Excuses, excuses I know, but I'm still c...


Melbourne's absolutely freezing right now.

Finding motivation to do anything right now is getting harder and harder...

At least for me! Still committing with the Blog! However still trying to come up with a consistent content and thinking about what my target audience is...


For those who see me on the daily, you've known my current obsession with anything gold.

Its douchey and extra and its everything I love. 

Something about it gives me happiness and positive vibes. 

Especially during this winter! 

Winter to me my colour scheme turns into gr...



 Woaaaaahh, hold up! 2017 can you please sit yourself down for a miniit!

It's June already (when I drafted this)!

Wait what... Where did this year even go?!

I guess 2016 was such a catastrophic disaster. 

Is it me or is it the older we get, time fly by us so much fa...

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